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Financial Security

Neptune Holidays - Bhutan guarantees the financial security for all the tour payments transferred to us.

A brief description of how the system works in regards to travelers other than Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian Nationals:

All the tours, travel and trekking in Bhutan are operated under the direct supervision of the Tourism Council of Bhutan. The tour payment transferred for your Bhutan Tour/Travel is secure and safe. The tour payment transferred gets deposited in the account of the Tourism Council of Bhutan. The Bhutan Tour Operators are given a receipt of the amount deposited in its favor. The visa is approved only after the deposit of the amount in the account of the Tourism Council of Bhutan account. The tour payment is released to the Bhutan travel operators after the completion of the tour, meeting the standards and upon the submission of invoice by the Tour operators to the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

The Payment is released by the Tourism Council of Bhutan after the deduction of the government royalty, visa fee, and other government taxes. In this regards the transfer of your Bhutan tour payment is 100% safe and secure.

In regards to Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian travelers, the above mentioned system for the transfer of funds do not work. The money directly gets credited to the tour operators' account. However, our daily operations are monitores by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. We are a full time established operator based in Thimphu Bhutan having its own office.

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  • Thilo and Cordula
  • Very good guide/driver team, we had a lot of fun with them. Very special thanks for the visa support to get back to India We had a lot of luck during our tour with N.B. as we were able to see the Kankar Punsum and also wild monkeys eating and jumping in the trees above us. Please find our selected photos of that attached. Thank you very much again for letting us join together for dinner with your wife, for your hospitality and your gifts. We still find us very surprised at Bhutan, from its cultural spots and landscape.

  • Ms. Margaret and Friends
  • Had an extremely amazing time! Lobzang and Subba were great & hospitality 2nd to none! Thank you for such a great time and we definitely encourage more people to come visit Bhutan via your travel guides. Thank you for all your hospitality. Our Trip to Bhutan was better than what we expected. It was great to meet Lobzang and Sanman every morning there to greet us with a smile. Lobzang’s knowledge of Bhutan and all the historical places is fantastic. Also Sanman’s driving made us feel safe at all times and very comfortable. Whenever we talk about Bhutan we will always recommend you all.

  • Mr. Christoph A. Riedweg
  • Tika and Mohan went out of their way to make our stay comfortable and enjoyable. For all of our requests they tried there very best to arrange (food, sightseeing, shopping). The trip offered a great mix of sightseeing, history, nature and daily life in Bhutan. We truly enjoyed our stay.

  • Aveek Pradhan
  • Service offered was quite appreciating and we look forward to avail other services in the near future.

  • Ms. Nilima and friends
  • Excellent Trip. Thanks to Vivek and Santosh. Amazing guide and an excellent driver. They made our trip memorable. We would recommend them to everyone.